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Hobbies are great, gotta love them. Only problem is the amount of money you spend. For instance, photography has a great entry level SLR. I’m sure both Canon and Nikon has taken advantage and made tons of money on producing entry level SLRs. But once you get the taste it’s almost like an addiction. I can do much more if I get these lens, my pictures would look like this if I had this body. Unfortunately I’ve reached the level where I’m constantly asking myself those 2 questions. And of course my burn rate is much higher than my rate of return. If I do purchase some lenses I want and the body I want it would take me years to recoup the costs. However if you compare photography to fishing, hunting, racing cars, or collecting cards, the return rate ratio is much higher for photography. Thus I continue to snap pictures.


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So my schedule has been like this for the past few months. Spin class on Monday nights. Saturday has been flag football and Sunday has been basketball. You would think with all the running I do I could easily drop 10 lbs. if not more. Well, I haven’t been able to drop 1 lb. I’ve stayed relatively the same weight for over 10 years now and it seems like no matter how much or how less I exercise, I can’t consistently lose weight. I think being as active my appetite increases so I tend to eat more. With the extra stuff I eat half of the time it isn’t good for me. Oh well, at least I can balance it out.


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Ever go to Ikea to shop for furniture?

Don’t you ever get the urge to eat the food there?

Ever get the urge to measure stuff with the paper ruler they have?


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Brady’s pictures came out great.

Unfortunately the picture I like the most, the last, came from my iPhone.

Yeah, I don’t carry the big camera around with me everywhere I go.

Tami and Dan

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Congrats to Tami and Dan’s engagement. It’s always a pleasure and honor when a friend asks you to take their engagement pictures. Pictures were taken at Discovery Green and near the theater district downtown. I think the pictures came out great and I hope they’re ever as pleased as I am to view them.

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