Parked car

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I’ve followed this rule of thumb for quite some time now.

Saturday night after poker Ken left my place to find his front passenger side window was smashed. Anytime things happen at my place I do feel responsible, sorry Ken. I’m quite puzzled cause on any given weekend there are BMW’s and Lexus’s parked outside my community. Why they chose to smash an Acura and stealing change and gum is beyond me. At any rate my point is to not leave anything in plain view when parking your car. People are always watching. I’ve always had the habit of moving even my backpack in the trunk when I park my car. There’s no need to attract any more attention to your car than necessary.

Fast Poker

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Thanks to Jason and his know how of digital photography we can now witness a night of poker in time-lapse photography. The cow, Pikachu, and the alligator are the stars on the table moving from place to place and doing different things including kissing. Also notice how people can’t sit still while playing poker. It’s fun to watch though.


The video is dark, but if you download the movie you can see more detail.

Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs: The Lightsaber Duel

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This is funny, play the game.

Never give up

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I’ll be a magazine reader over a book reader any day. Articles are short and they keep my attention versus something hundreds of pages long. There are books I will read if someone recommends one, but the majority of the time I’ll be a magazine reader. Here’s an excerpt I read from one of my subscriptions.

“Our greatest power is the freedom to choose; we decide what we do, what we think, and where we go… We can do what we want to do; we can be who we want to be. We develop our own future by applying persistence to the possibilities. Our future is all around us. If we seek, we will find it. If the door is closed, we must knock and keep knocking until it opens. We never give up….”

Inc. August 2008, The Believer.


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Here’s an interesting article to read if you have granite countertops. I would never expect granite to produce levels of radon high enough to be a health risk. When I read this I was wondering if I knew someone with a radon meter. I didn’t, so I guess I need to go to a hardware store to find if the granite countertops in my home emit enough radon to harm me. Great… Just what we need on top of the tomatoes/jalapeños scare, only this time it affects me. At least with the tomatoes/jalapenos thing I can avoid the food all together.


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