iPhone Killer

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In a way I’m not surprised by the slew of devices out there with touch screens. I know touch screens have been out for quite some time especially with the iPAQ but it seems like this year every company needs their own touch screen phones. In a way my prediction has come true and each company has a competing iPhone type phone to offer customers conveniently priced similar to the iPhone. However there haven’t that many phones that have labeled themselves as the “iPhone Killer.” Oh well, there’s half a year to go and there will be plenty of other phones to be released. Maybe before the end of the year’s up we’ll see many more “iPhone Killers.”

Bill Gates retires

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The big news from camp Microsoft is the retirement of Bill Gates. I applaud this guy and have lots of respect for him. It takes a genius to build a brand, but it takes an even greater genius to revolutionize the computing industry. I can remember days of Hank painstakingly allocating the memory for all the DOS games we were playing. I can remember Windows 3.11, which I never used. I remember Windows 95, 98, ME and then finally 2000. I remember the days when Netscape and Word Perfect ruled their respective fields. Of course I haven’t always agreed with Microsoft’s software development strategies. But hey, I’m not the quadruple billionaire or whatever Bill Gates is. If I had to run a business like Microsoft there’s a huge chance I would have ran it into the ground. I do like what Bill Gates is planning to do when he retires. Perhaps more of America’s leaders should follow in his footsteps. The act of giving takes an even greater heart than any business deal can accomplish. Thumbs up to you Bill Gates!


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Keep your health. I’ve talked about this many times and here’s another reason to. One of my coworkers has diabetes. Just the other day he came back to work visiting the doctor the day before. His doctor prescribed him 7 different medications to fight diabetes. Who knows how many more different medications he was taking before the doctor visit. His advice to me, “take care of yourself.”


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I stumbled onto this last night and it’s quite an interesting story. Read his story under the ‘about Matt’. We all have dreams and things we want to do in life. This guy one day said, “I’m doing it,” and the website is born. It definitely did put a smile on my face. It also stirred my desire to travel all over the world.

The demilitarized zone in North Korea cracked me up.


Watch the YouTube video.

Quake III

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This is one of the coolest mods I’ve seen for Quake fanboys. Check it out, Quake III on a Simpson’s map. It looks like whoever made the map focused more on detail than functionality. I can’t picture anyone fighting inside the house. Outside the house is fair game though.


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