Office hours

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A coworker in another dept coached as a little league as a hobby. To me coaching is a job that’s more than a 24/7 job because the kids become part of your life. I asked him if he ever got one of those crazy dads who thinks his son is the next big thing to make the pros.

“Yeah I had one dad who was like that. We were in a game and I sat his son on the bench. Half way through the game his dad started yelling at me to play his son. He kept yelling and yelling and at the long break the dad comes down to speak to me in person,” he says. “How come my son is sitting on the bench, why don’t you play him,” crazy dad says. “Sir, my office hours are every weekday afternoon. During that time I have an open door policy,” he said. This dad never brought his son to practice, only during games and expecting me to play his son.

Let’s apply that to a Christian lifestyle.

“God, I’m stuck in a rut, can you bail me out?” Can you imagine God responding, “My office hours are every Friday night sunset to Saturday night sunset. During that time I have an open door policy.” How would you respond? Probably wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. Good thing our heavenly Father is forgiving.


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This morning I woke up at 5:00am and for the life of me I could not go back to sleep. What better thing to do when one can’t fall asleep than find a new theme for the blog. FYI: I don’t create my own themes. I’m not that smart, I can’t program, I don’t have the time to look at code all day, and I’m too lazy to figure it out. But what I know is how to adjust the theme to what I want after I download it. To personalize it I put this picture in place of the original.

Guess who’s house this is?


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I use to habitually watch the local and national news. But it got to the point where I couldn’t watch the local news any longer. Morning news talks about nothing but traffic and where accidents are. Nighttime news there are murders, break in’s and hold up’s. It’s almost depressing. National news is a bit better. However election and gas prices inevitably overshadows any other story. Sigh….. There’s no happy medium. I guess I’ll stay out of touch.

Bobby Lee

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I went to watch Bobby Lee’s stand up comedy yesterday at the comedy club. For $8 it was quite a deal and it was very entertaining. I almost wouldn’t mind watching him again. I wasn’t a fan of Bobby Lee until I saw his Mad TV’s skit on 24 with John Cho. I spent most of this morning watching his Mad TV skits on You Tube. Here’s one of the ones that cracked me up.



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Ever seen an important person issue an official statement saying they absolutely had nothing to do with what they’re accused of?

Let me give you 2 examples: Barry Bonds taking steroids, and Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski.

Our judicial system assumes we are innocent until proven guilty. However the people who are our role models in this country are swearing under oath and eventually proven guilty. See anything wrong with this? See the trend and what it’s teaching Americans? When you’re caught in your wrong doings it’s ok to lie. You lie and lie until you are proven guilty. Great system we got huh? Perhaps we need to stiffen the laws on lying under oath.

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