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Stevo stumbled onto something great without even knowing it with the iPhone/iPod Touch. Historically Apple hasn’t embraced 3rd party software. But with SDK coming shortly it looks like Apple has finally given into 3rd party software. I think it’s a great move for the company. In one year’s time Apple has created a smartphone dominating the market. With the SDK, it will allow Apple to bridge corporations dominated by RIM. As far as Blackberry’s position goes, I think they had better start thinking innovative and perhaps a new form factor. Wanna see something innovative?


Asian workforce

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We have our big employee meeting once every few years. It’s an opportunity for our VP’s of different areas in the company to get together and meet their employees. Have you ever listened to a politician speak? Going to these meetings is very similar to a person standing and speaking many words but have little meaning. So the company grew X% and the economy is moving at Y pace and zzzzZZzzzzzzzz. Finally the VP of human resources got up for his spill. I like to change up the words and make jokes of things that aren’t intended to be funny.

“…….due to the aging workforce….,” the VP said.

“……..due to the Asian workforce?…..,” I said as I looked at the coworker sitting next to me.

Coworker responds by sitting back and laughing.

“Yeah,” he said, “we need more Chius’.”

At least it breaks up a monotonous meeting.

Windows 7

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Windows people you can start drooling now. Windows just revealed the new operating system with multi-touch. After watching to video I have to say it’s very innovative. Microsoft just raised the bar again when it comes to OS’s. I won’t say how they borrowed some OSX features since at this point both OSX and Windows have borrowed each other’s features.



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I’ve been waiting for this for a long time now (it gives me something to drool over). It’s been rumored for several years. Canon has updated the Rebel XT many times but hasn’t touched the 5D. Once Nikon released the D3, Canon scrambled to update the 5D (in my opinion). I’m glad Nikon’s giving Canon a run for the money. When a company sits atop of an industry they often get complacent. I still think Nikon is a few years behind Canon on the high end of photography, but they’re closing the gap. Let’s just hope the next revision of the 5D will top the D3. If not at least I know approximate date of the camera release.


Shotgun rules

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Heard this on the radio last week and thought it was cool. If I was the passenger riding in my friend’s car the best seat is the front passenger side. Best seat in the house means you got control of the radio, air conditioner and heck the view’s better. But if you were riding with many friends, who determines the person sitting in that seat? In my experience, we’ve always played the game of calling shotgun before getting in the car. The rule we use the most is the line of sight. Shotgun can only be called when the car is visible. Once it’s visible then it’s fair game and anyone can call shotgun. This website lays down all the rules for calling shotgun, when it applies and when it doesn’t apply. I’ve always thought my friend played unfairly until I read the “Significant Others” rule. Read the history behind shotgun. I thought it was interesting. I’ve always played the game, but never knew the history or why the front passenger seat was called shotgun.


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