Equality please

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Today talking to my coworker I stumbled onto some useless but interesting factoid. This was one of my old coworkers in my old work location I stumbled onto today. As we were catching up he explained how he got married, had a baby girl, and got divorced. Evidently each state has different divorce laws. But the part that intrigued me most was that Texas favors women mostly in divorces. I realize that both parties fail when there’s a divorce, but if the woman’s a deadbeat the judge will still rule in her favor. When there are children involved judges tend to give custody to the woman even if she proves no interest but pleads to have custody. Growing up here I’m not exposed to other states handling divorces and have always thought courts favored the woman. Of course the rest of the couple’s belongings are divided in half when they are purchased after marriage. Same goes for each other’s 401k and anything that accumulates interest half at the duration of the marriage. Not that I would plan on getting married and divorced, but equality please. Please judge each case to favor the ones hurt most in the divorce, the children.

iPhone =(

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By now it’s all but lost. I got into the habit of emptying my pockets before I shoot a wedding except for my cell phone because of obvious reasons. Saturday I did exactly that leaving nothing in my pockets except lens caps and my phone. I was shooting the bride and the next thing I know only 2 lens caps are in my pocket.


A friend told me she liked to read my blog because of all the funny things that happen to me. I called my phone at least 20 times looking for it. Only bad part is that it was already on vibrate.


Next time I know to empty all my pockets when shooting a wedding. Sunday I went back to the church I shot to see if anyone in good faith turned in a missing phone. No luck.


The funny thing is that my phone is worth more than what I was making that day.


I also know to use the phone lock feature next time. ALL my information’s on my phone including my address book. If anyone’s keeping track this is my first time I’ve ever lost my cell phone.


Good thing I was too lazy to recycle my old cell phones. All I had to do was get another SIM from TMobile and use it on my old Sony Ericsson phone.

So, 3G iPhone? Rumor has it it will be announced in WWDC early June.


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Yesterday marks the first wedding shoot I was paid as a second photographer for Sam Yuan Photography.

“How many jobs do you need?” Everyone needs hobbies and this is mine. I’ve been blessed with many talents. The unfortunate part of it is that camera equipment is expensive. Over the weekend I put together a spreadsheet of the cost of this hobby. So far I’m in the red. BIG TIME.


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Ever wonder where I get my ideas for my blog? Every morning when driving to work and driving to the work location I’m flipping between morning shows. Which ever show sounds more interesting is the show I listen to. Plus I’ve gotten out of the habit of watching the news. I know it doesn’t come close to replacing the news but at least it’s something. So most of my ideas/topics is my opinion of the topic they’re talking about.

Anyways, the topic was gas prices and they had a list of most economic cars. Of course these are the Nissan Versa’s, and Honda Civics. I don’t remember which car was #1 but the comment that struck me most from the host was that he didn’t feel safe driving in such a small car in Houston. The saying that goes everything is bigger in Texas is so true. Texas sells more trucks than any other states and probably isn’t far behind on big SUV’s. If you were driving in one of these economic vehicles and one of these trucks happens to bump you, your car is like tin foil to the truck. Not so safe.


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This would be a cool project to work on.

Doesn’t look like there’s much to work on. But from the pictures it looks like you need a Dremel to make the cuts. I think if I invested the time and money to make something like that I would put take out the original connector and put in a slot for flash memory. That way it would look cleaner and you wouldn’t need the original cartridge to play the game.


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