Spring break

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It’s the time of the year for spring break. I can’t remember the last time I took a week off during this time to hang out with my spring breakers. I do remember the last year I officially had spring break.

Invitation card

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Our Spiritual Convocation is over, but here’s the invitation card created.

This was the first theme we had that I could use something other than nature shots. The first thing that came to my mind was Keith Haring drawings. He’s the artist who uses outlines of people using vibrant colors. I bit off more than my Illustrator skills allowed spending lots of time learning how to draw on the computer. In the end I left out details, but turned out and I met the deadline.

Here’s to my Keith Haring inspiration.


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What a cutie….


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I was at church while the Rockets sealed their 22nd victory. I like the Rockets bringing basketball excitement back into the town. I don’t like the high expectations of a team winning 22 games. Historically statistics states they have won championships. We’re a battered team running on 2 less cylinders. Winning the championship is a long shot. Plus as tight as the Western conference is, we could lose 3 games and be out of the playoffs entirely. That’s so crazy.

I was checking the score of the game at church with my iPhone. After I said the score I told the brother next to me it was the most excited I was all day. I was joking of course and I did refrain from checking scores until service ended.


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Today was my first day back at work from my sick leave and guess what, we have a business plan meeting. Yawn. More like, YAWN. I think I’ve found a solution to talking heads making me sleepy. I either a) drink a cup of coffee or b) nap for 15 minutes before these meetings to prevent drowsiness. So far it’s worked well. The coffee and nap tends to wear off unless they give us breaks every hour. Our management should be politicians. A whole bunch of words with very little meaning.

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