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Everyone should try this on their laptops to see if it continue working like this Panasonic Toughbook.


Who wants to go first? Not me.

Contract free

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This is just now surfacing? So that makes us how many years behind European/Asian countries?



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I’ll complain until I’m blue in the face but it still stands, I hate going behind someone to finish their work. Today I was sent to finish a job another tech couldn’t finish because he took a sick day. Come to find out, he hadn’t done much and I spent most of the day doing things that should have been done already. Come close to quitting time I figured I could squeeze a few hours of overtime to compensate for my troubles. Upon calling my supervisor he refused my request to stay and attempt to finish. After the rejection I called the programmer helping on the other end to stop all work and start again tomorrow. “You’re not coming back tomorrow?” said the programmer. “Nope, they told me not to work over and tomorrow it’s no longer my area,” I said. “You mean I gotta work with Jerry tomorrow? (Sigh) Ok, thanks for the help, I appreciate it.” This company is making me into a grumpy old man. I wonder how much longer it would take Jerry to complete this job?

Touch This

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These days I’m accustomed to answering iPhone questions. Everything from the technology, scratch resistance, how do you, to hacking. Generally I’ve been able to answer the majority of them. I do get oddball questions here and there and sometimes it totally stumps me.

Cell phones these days can handle text messages and picture messages. Can the iPhone handle picture messages?

I had to think of this for a while, but I finally came out with the answer. I don’t ever use picture messages so I have no idea how it behaves on the iPhone. The phone doesn’t support MMS (multimedia messaging service). If you still want to use picture messaging, have the sender use email. Email not good enough? The second option is to hack the phone and install a 3rd party MMS application.

What program do I use to sync my contacts on the PC?

I’ve gotten this question a few times and with PC’s still dominating the market, I don’t think it will go away. Um, I don’t know how the phone behaves on a PC. I don’t know what program it uses to sync calendar and contacts. My best guess is Outlook. I have no experience with the PC’s on an iPhone and have no intentions on ever syncing my phone with a PC.

The iPhone’s screen is touch sensitive. You can’t use a stylus, a fingernail or q-tips, it has to be touch. How does that work?

I used this a few times to illustrate the touch screen of the iPhone. It was cold enough one day for me to put on gloves. I like using the glove liners over leather gloves because it’s lightweight and you can still do normal tasks. As I got the glove liners one I grabbed my keys and was about to head out the door when my phone rings. Crap! I knew the phone wouldn’t work with the gloves but I tried a few times anyways. After a few rings I decided I had to answer the phone instead of letting it go to voicemail. Quickly I held the phone using my nose to slide the unlock slider to answer the phone. Yea, the phone only works on the human touch.

Here’s how the touch screen works:

But most touch-screen phones that shipped last year, including Palm Inc.’s Treo and Motorola Inc.’s ROKR E6, used “resistive touch” technology _ the most common technology, said Jennifer Colegrove, a senior analyst of display technologies at iSuppli. It has two layers of glass or plastic and calculates the location of touch when pressure is applied with either a stylus or a finger.

A more advanced type of touch screen, featured on the iPhone and LG Prada, uses “projected capacitive” technology. A mesh of metal wires between two layers of glass registers a touch when the electrical field is broken.

That’s why light finger brushes will do the trick. But capacitive sensors don’t even need actual physical contact: such touch screens already detect the proximity of a finger from 2 millimeters away, Colegrove said.



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Mark this day. This is the day all data from the PC was moved over to Mac. I spent a quarter of the day tagging the remaining MP3’s and copying them over to the Mac. Officially I don’t have any data that’s PC dependant. I did format the PC for gaming purposes. I will have the drive imaged if people come over and chose to browse websites that contains worms and destroy the WinXP partition. I’ve never been a fan of iTunes but once your music exceeds a certain amount, you need all different sort functions. Slowly it’s growing on me.

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