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I’ve wondered this for a while, but I don’t think I’ll ever wonder again. After lunch I dropped by the T-Mobile store next door. I like to drop in every once in a while just to see the line of phones T-Mobile stocks to see the direction the company’s headed. Not that any phones they stock would impress an iPhone user. When one of the reps asked if I needed help, I inquired about the text messaging plan. I know I’ll eventually have text messaging but for the time being I wanted to know the different price points. Since I asked about text messaging I decided to throw in, “Is there way to block text messages all together?” Rep: T-Mobile hasn’t found a way to block text messages, but it is something they’re working on. Think about it. You actually think a company will invest time and money to save users money by blocking text messages? Even if it’s unwanted texts users still get charged. I think not. I should give in and pay for text messages.


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Fixing computers is one of my many tasks at work. It’s quite an easy task for me because those with gaming backgrounds know how to fix and tweak computers from upgrading hardware all the time. So I get a call before the year ended last year asking about a computer not acting correctly. Short of explaining the computer problem, the tech told me he got my cell phone number from someone writing my name and number with a pencil on a panel. Since it’s partially my responsibility, I told him I would put it on my list and make an effort to go out there when I had time. Fast forward to today (I’m fast at trouble calls) I finally make it out there to Tomball, Texas (Google map it and tell me it’s far from downtown Houston). When I get out there the first thing I did was take an eraser and erase my name and cell number off the panel.

Take That! Asking me to fix something out of my area……


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Gotta love technology. Gotta love what it represents and the headache it amounts to. It’s definitely made my life easier in some aspects while creating problems in others. There are predictions I like to make for 2008. My opinion of course leans more towards Apple’s benefit. Hopefully I can give a more of an unbiased prediction.

iPhone Killer: You knew this one was coming. 2008 will see lots of cell phone tout to be the iPhone killer. Cell phone providers will be eager to point out the features they have that iPhone doesn’t. I don’t think any company can come up with a device in one year’s time to out do iPhone. Keep in mind the touch screen, email, internet and Google maps have been in cell phones for a few years now. Only thing Apple did was create multi-touch and made everything easy.

iPod Wanna Be’s: For years I’ve read countless articles claiming to be the next iPod killer. Now that all have failed, I think more and more companies will make their music players’ look and act like iPods.

OSX Leopard Vs. Vista: I’ve read so many articles on the dissatisfaction of Vista and how users were trying to downgrade to WinXP. I’ve also read many articles of dissatisfaction with Leopard and it’s bugs. I’m not sure why they compare the 2 operating systems vs. each other. Clearly Vista’s got the lead in this and OSX will continue to trail in the OS wars. Not everyone can afford a high priced Apple just to run OSX. I have no first hand experience with Vista so I’ll speak only on the Leopard side. Evidently Apple decided to follow Microsoft’s business model in operating systems: Release it and then fix it later.

Consoles: Wii will continue to dominate as Nintendo continue to create new ways to play games. Sony will start having more games that utilizes its insanely powerful system while Microsoft will focus more on Live. It’ll be a fight for second place because neither company has what it takes to dethrone Nintendo.

Blu-Ray Vs HD-DVD: Who really cares?

Canon: In the Canon digital SLR realm, a successor to the 5D has been predicted for a few years now. Names for Canon’s 5D successor will either be the 6D or 5D Mark II. Specs and features of the camera are flaky. (Can’t wait for this one.) I don’t follow Nikon, sorry.

I know I left a million things out, but these are the things I find of most interest.


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I thought I knew all the tricks of photography yet when I downloaded the wedding pictures off the camera I got this:

How you do that sir?

Can you show me so I play tricks people who take pictures of me?

Back UP

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With Leopard’s Time Machine, I figured it was time to get serious about backing up my data. As much time as I spend on the computer, it’s on of the most neglected things I do. Grant it, I’ve never had a hard drive failure until Ricefarm v1. But still, it wasn’t enough for me to start backing up my data. Keep in mind the majority of my data is pictures and music. On the PC I had a habit of manually copying my data onto two separate drives. Once I converted to a Mac, I hung all my data on one drive. It wasn’t until Time Machine that made backing up easy on an Apple computer. Over the Christmas break I purchased a hard drive enclosure to make use of the many drives collecting dust. I easily spent over 10 hours formatting one drive to OSX Journaled, moving data from one drive to another, formatting another to OSX Journaled and then moving data back. The process wasn’t easy or smooth. To this day I’m still not done and I’m guessing it’ll take another 10 hours to move things over. Why do I have so much data? Shrugs. I wish life was simpler, but it isn’t.

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