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Every 6 weeks the Blood Center comes to the company to host a blood drive. My normal routine is to come in early around 3:00pm give blood, load up on the freebies, and relax in the office for the rest of the day until quitting time 5:00pm. Today I was so engrossed in my work (sorting and post processing pictures) I forgot about the blood drive. By the time I walked back in the office it was 4:20pm. After contemplating a few minutes I decided to give knowing I would be close if not past 5:00pm when I got done. 5:15pm I’m done loading up on the freebies and as I’m driving home I get a call to go to the Galleria. After some convincing I decided to go even though I dread the parking at Christmas time. I normally don’t like to go out in public with the self adhesive compression bandage, but due to the late donation taking it off early would cause bleeding. So I’m walking around the mall with my arm partially wrapped shopping. I’m at one store standing in line and waiting to make a purchase when a stranger says, “Thanks for donating blood.” “No problem,” I said. Random comments like that makes giving blood more worthwhile.


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Funny moment #3842385 of the year:

At the wedding the bride and groom played a blind folding game to see if they could pick out each other. So the bride was blindfolded and felt the rear end of 5 guys and was able to pick out the groom. Before the groom was blindfolded there were 5 girls. After the groom was blindfolded a quick swap and now the groom has to feel each leg to pick out the bride. You can imagine the type of laughter going on in the background as the groom went to each leg. The funny part is, one of the guy’s leg doesn’t have hair so the groom was a little confused. This was worth a thousand laughs.

San Jose

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Lots of people anticipated seeing Helen and Sunny’s wedding pictures on my Smugmug. Instead they saw my San Jose and Thuy and John’s wedding pictures I finally posted.

I would say keep checking, but i’m not done sorting and post processing the pictures.

Company care

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All is not lost. We still have companies out there who care about their employees. I went to a company party with a friend and the company gave away a trip to europe for 10 years of service. My company gives the employees a watch valued at $350 max for 30 years of service. At 30 years of service I would need a magnifying glass with the watch to even read the watch. So every year my friend’s company gives away 10 prizes as a drawing to their employees. The smallest prize is an MP3 player (non-iPod) and the biggest prize is a 65” TV. And if you didn’t win any of the drawings, the employee gets a $50 gift certificate. A few years ago my company stopped giving away $25 gift certificates to all the employees in efforts to save money. Years before that the company gave the employees $150 gift certificate to employee’s choice. These days we get nothing, not even a pat on the back. A company who still cares about their employees is worth noting.


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This is what I would look like in cartoon form.

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