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Amazon’s been around for quite some time now. Did you know Amazon keeps a history of all the things you’ve ordered by year? 1999 was the first year I purchased something from Amazon. I was wondering if anyone ordered something from Amazon before 1999 just to see when they started archiving customers’ purchases. What did I order in 1999? An Aiwa 4 head VCR at $120.00. I got ripped off huh?


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I was surfing my photo forum and one of the hot topics was the favorite photo of the year. Of course it had many responses and plenty of people posted their favorite photo. Of all the pictures I took this year, this one is my favorite.

This picture isn’t cropped. 10 minutes of Photoshop brought down the overexposed portions of the picture. 2 minutes in Lightroom and this is what I came up with. I love the simplicity of the picture. It doesn’t follow the rules of photography and technically the picture wasn’t taken correctly. But to me it’s a representation of my experience in Paris. I’m like a little kid walking and experiencing things for the first time.


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On the way to work this morning, yes I’m working this week, I heard an interesting topic on the radio: The most stolen item from hotels. That’s easy. My guesses were towels first, bathrobes second and soap, shampoo, conditioner third. Boy was I wrong, the most stolen item is the Bible. Who would have guessed? It’s so bad 18% of hotels no longer have Bibles in the rooms. I guess people didn’t read “Thou shall not steal” before they took the book. I was also wrong with the soap, shampoo and conditioner. Those are freebies. Hotels throw those away even if people don’t use them.


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I saw this once briefly on Discover Channel and I thought it was one of the world’s most dangerous jobs worse than an Alaskan snow crab fisherman. When I saw this on YouTube I thought one thing, I should submit this to Discover Channel’s Dirty Jobs. Check it out:


Here’s another one for good humor. The Japanese are weird, but sometimes they come up with some funny stuff.


Bored games

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Another bored game was added to the repertoire of bored games.

I had no idea Cranium added a WOW edition until Sam mentioned it over the weekend.

There’s a difference from original Cranium. The Cloodle got harder while the Zelpuz got easier. Gnilleps is no longer a single person, the whole team has to be able to spell backwards. Yes, I’m not a good spellar. Data head, and Humdinger stayed the same difficulty. Those 80’s songs are killer because all we know is the chorus. Sideshow is a new added addition where a team member is the puppet while another team member is the puppeteer.

HUH! They look bored, but they’re actually concentrating. Pictures are posted in the photo album. Btw, Ken took most of the pictures.

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