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I finally did it.  I finally upgraded to iPhone firmware 1.1.1.  Ever since the firmware was hacked, I didn’t have a reason to upgrade.  I wanted the new firmware to have a fresh start.  I think I tried every single 3rd party application and after loading all the apps the phone started running slower and slower.  Somewhere in the process I didn’t do a fresh install and the new firmware loaded on top of 1.0.2.  At least I still have the perks of 1.1.1 of iTunes and double click for shortcut to phone.  Not a reason to upgrade the firmware, but oh well.  Next step is adding ring tones and adding themes.


Warm hands warm heart

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This is a great test to see if you have a warm heart.

During wintertime or when the air conditioner is blasting at work or school, do your hands and feet stay warm?

It’s been a joke for quite some time.  Almost at any temperature my hands and feet stay relatively warm.  Some of my friends when the air conditioner’s somewhat cold, their hands and feet are cold.  Cold hands mean cold heart.


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I’ve always wondered how people create digital art.  Psyop creates commercials for some high profile clients including Coca Cola one.  Check it out; I think it’s one of the most creative ones.  After watching it I’m still wondering how it was created.


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This Monday was a much-needed one.  We had the Spiritual Convocation at church from Friday all the way to Sunday.  I enjoy being at church all day listening to sermons, but we don’t get long enough breaks.  After a whole day it gets tiring and no amount of tea or coffee helps.  Last night I made the statement at dinner that if I didn’t do anything all day Monday it would be great.  Guess what, I did nothing and it felt good.  The only thing I did was make 2 ring tones for my iPhone.  The iPhone has taken a life of its own.  The phone won’t allow ring tones without 3rd party apps.  Long story short after reading forums upon forums everyday, I have to upgrade my firmware before I can use my own ring tones.  Who knows when I’ll upgrade the firmware.  At least I’ll have 2 ring tones created off Garage Band.  The first one’s Calling You by Blue October, “I will keep calling you to see………”  The second one’s Take Me There by Rascal Flatts, “I wanna know, everything about you………..”  They’re both available upon request on mp3.


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I’ve known about Photobooth since it first came out, but this is the first time I had fun making faces in front of the camera.

There were over 100 pictures taken in Photobooth.

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