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Normal routine is to wake up, brush the teeth, put my clothes on in the meantime listen to music and when I’m done putting on the clothes I head to work.  That has been my workday routine in the morning.  Normal routine is also listening to the radio.  My CD player in the car quit working a few months after the warranty expired.  Convenient eh?  No matter, even reduced to a radio I won’t complain.  The drive to work is 8 minutes.  Normal routine is also to find a radio station playing music.  Most radio stations have their morning show running at the time I drive to work so I’m dealing with different topics of discussion as I change the channel.  100% of the topic discussions are garbage so I tend to find a station playing music.  I just work up and while I drive to work, I want to listen to music.  But why is it when one radio station goes to commercial they ALL go to commercial?  My radio has 6 buttons for presets and it’s almost a guarantee that when one station goes on commercial they ALL do.  Do the radio stations do that on purpose?  Does it bring in more revenue to force listeners to listen to commercials?  Give me a break, from rock, easy listening, to country; they all go on commercial at the same time.  STOP IT PLEASE.  At least for the 8 minutes I’m driving to work play some music so I can start the day off right.


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Cheesecake Factory use to be one of the better restaurants I dined in.  Almost anything you ordered at Cheesecake tasted good and portions are huge.  In time going to the Galleria started being a pain.  Parking was always hard to find, and the restaurant always had a waiting list.

It was another birthday weekend, and the birthday boy chose Cheesecake.


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Engadget reports Mac OSX Leopard sold 2 million copies in its first weekend.  1.4 million iPhones were sold in the forth quarter Apple reported.  An estimated 250,000 iPhones were purchased for unlocking purposes.  Why brag?  Well, I should kick myself in the butt for not investing in Apple stock.  As long as I’ve been an Apple fan I’ve never thought of investing in it.  The stock’s been soaring and it looks like Apple will have enough momentum to end the year strong.


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Here’s a story I heard from mouth from the newspaper.  It will teach those who sag not so sag.

There was a robber robbing a convenient store.  He successfully robbed the store and as a police officer tried to stop him, he pulled out his gun and injured the police officer.  As he fled he ran into the nearby woods.  Because his pants were sagging badly he accidentally tripped.  Somehow the gun went off, shot him in the head and killed the robber.


the pictoral life 2 Comments »

Warning!  This applies only to people who have a tendency of killing frogs while mowing the lawn.

For normal people carry on.

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