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Yes, I am too lazy to create my own theme. I do have one in mind, but I don’t have the expertise or time to create my own.

So there you have it.

Back to school

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It’s back to school time.  As the weeks pass by slowly the schools start a new semester or a new school year.  For those driving, this is a friendly reminder to slow down at school zones.  If you get caught speeding in a school zone, Texas law will not let you take defensive driving for the ticket.  I also heard that Texas would no longer put end of school zone signs up in order to save money.  So how would you know when you drive past the school zone to resume normal driving speed?  Look through your mirrors and look for the flashing start of school zone sign for traffic going in the other direction.  Why can’t Texas save money elsewhere?  I haven’t a clue.  I find the end of school zones effective.  I only want to drive 20mph when I have to.


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Congrats Houston.  We topped a list we don’t want to be on the top of: Nation’s most expensive commutes.



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I’ve been around, but the server hasn’t.  When I felt like updating the blog it has been down.  The server is out in California and the person who hosts it just happens to be on one of the worst circuits in the city electricity-wise.  In Houston electricity-wise the company identifies the 10% worst circuits.  The worst circuits are the ones that need rehab, new transformers, trees trimmed or resizing.  If the company fails to correct the 10% worst circuits, then the PUC (Public Utility Commission) will fine the company.  Whether they actually fine the company or not, I haven’t a clue.


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This weekend was tax-free weekend.  I’m glad I avoided the malls, the Wal-Marts and the Targets.

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