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Congrats on the newest member of the Chen family.

Welcome Lydia!

Lydia was in a food coma even before she finished her 3 oz. of formula.  It was kinda funny to see her attempting so hard to finish the formula while fighting to stay awake.  I forgot my camera.  It layeth on my bed while I left the house without it.  The reason it was on the bed was so I wouldn’t forget.

Labor day

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Labor day is approaching and the thought on my mind is what am I to do on the long weekend.  A friend even asked me what we’re doing on the 3-day weekend.  My response: nothing, 3-day weekends are normal and I don’t feel that this weekend is any different from another.

Mac hatters

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This doesn’t happen quite as often as it use to.  I own a desktop PC, and an iMac.  The iMac is in my room and the PC is in the study room.  As long as I’ve lived here people have visited.  Many times they have to check email, grades, or more commonly fantasy statistics.  In my experience I do find Macs more stable without having to worry about viruses or worms.  I prefer Macs because I’m tired of the formatting process and stability issues.  Even with imaging software, restoring is a pain.  When people say Macs suck without merit, I’m not offended.  No big deal.  Do as you wish, it’s a free country.  I use my Mac exclusively.  I especially like the way the computer goes in and out of sleep mode.  I don’t reboot but maybe once every 3 months if I think about it.  Of course all the projects you see in my photo album was done on a Mac.

The Mac community is small even amongst friends versus PC’s.  My biggest gripe is why when there’s a PC do people insist on using my Mac and proceed to complain how they don’t like Macs?  I didn’t ask you to use my Mac.  And don’t even get me started on people closing my Firefox windows.  Why don’t all the complainers bring your own laptop and not use mine period.  For those who do bring their laptops, thanks, I appreciate your consideration.


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13 consecutive hours at work + 1 hour call out = tired.

My work isn’t physically or mentally demanding.  But work requires me to be there to respond.  I got home at 8:00pm today just in time to eat dinner and use the restroom.  I wasn’t home for 45 minutes when I got called back to work.  Usually it’s the long hours that wear me out not the work.  At least I finished dinner before I had to go back to work.


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I haven’t bought a lottery ticket in a long time.  So last week, while I was at the convenient store, I decided to buy one.  Keep in mind I’m wearing a company issued cap and t-shirt, my normal outfit for work.

Me:  Yes, I like a Mega Millions cash option.
Cashier:  Are you old enough?
Me:  (Smirks) I hope so.
Cashier:  It was a serious question.
Me:  (This cashier has no sense of humor) You want to see my ID?
Cashier:  No, that’s ok.
Me:  (Takes the lottery ticket) Thanks.

I’m flattered that you think I look 18, but most companies will not hire anyone under 21.  Only a few companies hire under 21 and if they do, rarely will they hire anyone under 18 with the exception of minimum wage jobs.

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