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I was doing my normal routine today.  There has been more trouble calls of late.  So I left to the job site early in the morning to attempt to fix the trouble and free up my afternoon incase something happened or incase I wanted free time. The trouble call was something I’ve been called to before and I had an idea what was wrong.  I pull out my tools and test equipment and tested to find it was exactly what I expected.  10 minutes into the call and I was ready to pack up because my trouble had been resolved.  Normally I don’t misplace anything or leave my tools and test equipment, but today I did.  I left the job site to attend a meeting in preparation for scheduled equipment to be put in service.  After the meeting I noticed my tools and test equipment missing.  My initial response is the guys are messing with me.  But the more I thought of it, the more it didn’t make sense.  Thinking upon it at lunch it came to me, I left it at the first job site.  Oh crap, I thought!  How do I explain tools and test box missing to my boss?  No matter what I could come up with, it was down to me forgetting.  I quickly finished my lunch and drove back to the first job site.  Right when I walked into the guard shack the guard recognized me from the morning and pointed straight to my tools and test equipment.  Whew!  I must have thanked the guard 20 times and jokingly said I would have no idea how to explain missing tools to my boss as I left.

Lesson learned:  there are still good people out there.


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It was another week, another birthday.

I quit taking pictures because they’re all in a restaurant or at my place.  It’s all the same people, different birthdays.


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Yesterday I was at the gym and a father and his 10-year-old son was playing basketball.  It wasn’t a big deal because basketball is for all ages.  His son wasn’t bad for a 10 year old.  He had most of his coordination down even the non-needed extras of dribbling between the legs.  Only thing left for him to do is grow taller and refine his skills.  But the bad thing about this kid was his mouth.  Amongst a crowd of adults he was talking trash to the other team.  This 10 year old kid with his squeaky voice was calling for the ball and saying, “In your face” when he shoots.  I was a bit surprised because his dad was there and not once did he discipline his son.  My standpoint is:  What’s his father teaching his son?  This is the second time I’ve been at the courts where a 10-12 year old kid would play among adults and talk trash.  I don’t doubt you kids will grow up and be great athletes, but with that mouth your kids will get nowhere.


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As with problems there are resolutions.

To solve all my work problems today: run a cable.
To solve all my personal problems today: write a letter.

Being flexible

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In today’s workforce being flexible means you’re willing to take on a variety of tasks. Being flexible also means inconveniencing yourself for the sake of the company. Today I was asked to take our new hire to orientation 8:00am-10:00am. As I said yes to my boss my mind said there goes the first half of the day. By 10:00am I’m sitting at the parking lot waiting for him to come out. One-hour pass by when he finally comes out and says the orientation is to 3:30pm. Ok as I said thinking in my mind there goes the whole day. 3:30pm came by as I went back to the training facilities ready to pick him up. One-hour passes again when he finally comes out ready for me to take him back to our service center. Whatever, I said. I finally get back to the service center right at quitting time.

Today a chauffer, tomorrow a (fill in the blank).

Be flexible.

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