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Ever wonder how much you can sweat?  When I go to 24 Hour Fitness I always like to take my weight before and after workout.  I don’t usually like weight lifting; you can thank football for that.  Usually my preference for a workout is either a class or basketball.  Anyways, after playing basketball I lost 2.3 lbs.  2.3 lbs. was lost to sweating.  If I was a bigger guy I would lose a lot more to sweating.  To think your body can fluctuate that easily is amazing.  For those who think you can drink 2.3 lbs. of water to substitute the water lost is wrong.  Hydrate before and during workout.  During workout when you feel thirsty it’s already too late, you’re dehydrated.

HOV violators

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Usually when I’m driving I don’t notice on coming traffic.  But today I wanted to see how many HOV violators there were.  On occasion when I’m driving down the freeway I’ll see 2 cops near the entrance of the HOV lane to catch violators.  I often laugh at them because they’re blatantly breaking the law.  So on the way back to downtown from 290 I’m keeping track of how many cars are single occupants.  To my surprise it was every other vehicle violating HOV rules until it was closer to the 610 loop.  As I got closer to town it decreased to about 1 every 5 cars.  HPD would have a field day if they patrolled the HOV lanes.  Probably enough to lower our taxes……yeah right.


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So my mom went on an expensive vacation care of her 3 grown children. I had no idea she came back until one of my friends told me. I called home the other day and here’s how the conversation went.

Me: Hey Ma. How was your trip?
Mom: (Long excited explanation about the trip) How have you been? Anything new?
Me: No, same thing. (Short explanation)
Mom: So, how’s your new job?
Me: (Pause)……..This isn’t Henry.

I guess me and my brother sound alike over the phone. But my mom has never confused the 2 of us. Yea, I’m feeling the love. :-\


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Dealing with contractors is a part of my job. Company policy states that if a contractor’s in our control house, we are to be with them to watch them and answer any questions they have. With all the explosions, upgrades, and new configurations we have, we’re quite busy with contractors. Technically if the contractors wire up not according to spec or our standards we can make them fix it. Other than that it’s a boring day babysitting. I don’t like doing it because it keeps me at one location all day.

Here are some tips I came up with when dealing with contractors:

  • Showing up before they do isn’t important. They aren’t allowed inside the control house unless your there. So if breakfast is a must, feel free to stop by eat and then head to the job site.
  • Bring reading material. It is a long sitting day and leisure reading material helps kill time.
  • Make sure you hydrate. Since you can’t leave the job site, make sure you bring liquids with you. Sitting a whole day can become torture when you’re dehydrated.
  • Be prepared to make conversation. This is optional but not required. It’s good to hear about someone’s life and why they chose to become a contractor. Who knows, you might find a common ground on who in management annoys you the most.
  • Use the company laptop. All company laptops comes with the default games with Windows XP. FreeCell is my personal favorite. Spider Solitaire is sometimes too hard. Btw, I don’t load the company laptop with my programs.
  • Bring your own laptop. If I was working on something the night before I usually bring it to work to continue working. It does kill 2 birds with one stone and you do it on company time.
  • If you didn’t bring a lunch feel free to stop the job and head to lunch.  We all have to eat some time and sometimes the contractor doesn’t break for lunch.  Bonus points if you can get the contractor to pay for your lunch.
  • Bring your Nintendo DS. Sometimes you’ve done all the above and there’s still time to kill. Make sure the DS is charged and preloaded with games. Sudoku is a favorite. I finished all the beginner puzzles.
  • If all else fails and you can’t keep yourself busy there’s always something you can help the contractor with. After all it is your equipment your standards. I don’t recommend this unless you’re super bored. On the positive note, if you did the work it’s got to be right, right?

I hope these tips help you deal with contractors. You are dealing with people and sometimes people can be difficult while other times people can actually help.

Sam Houston

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Driving on i45 from Houston going to Dallas you would pass by a Sam Houston statue. Have you ever wondered who created the statue? Listening on the radio they talked about David Adickes and his accomplishment of the Sam Houston statue. Interestingly enough he’s located between i10 and Washington off Taylor. I drove by that place and found huge presidential statues never thinking much of it. Now I know who the artist is, his credentials, and future projects.



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