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Although a recent study reported that garlic doesn’t lower cholesterol, it can still help your ticker.  Eating a clove of garlic daily may help prevent a heart attack, according to Argentinean researchers.  Credit alliinase, an enzyme found in garlic that helps improve bloodflow to the heart.  The scientists also found that you can unleash higher amounts of the chemical by letting freshly chopped garlic stand for 10 minutes prior to cooking your meal.

-Men’s Health June 2007

Soda habit

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Here’s another reason to shake the soda habit.  I almost eliminated sodas from my diet completely.  Every once in awhile I like to drink a coke.

It’s not just soda’s sugar that harms your teeth.  Acids in both regular and diet sodas erode tooth enamel, according to researchers at Southern Illinois University.  They made the discovery after testing 20 commercial soft drinks.  Citrus-flavored sodas-think lemon-lime- were more harmful than colas.  Even the diet versions of these fruity drinks caused significant enamel loss.  The culprit:  high levels of citric and phosphoric acids, which eat away at the outer layer of the teeth.  Can’t shake the soda habit?  Go with Diet Coke.  It contains such low amounts of acid that it has less impact on enamel than tap water.

-Men’s Health June 2007


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It’s a look of concern.  It’s the bothered look.  It’s the look that says the gospel hasn’t reached all corners of the world.  It’s the troubled look that says there’s still a ton of work left to do.  It’s the bothered look worrying over the youths.

Save the date

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Memorial Day

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Happy Memorial Day!

Some of us will get a 3-day weekend while some of us will continue to have a 3 day weekend.

I signed this banner for our troops out at the Round Rock outlet mall.

God Bless our Troops.

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