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It was quite an interesting weekend.  Helen and Sunny had their house warming party.  By the way, your house is very nice.  Whoever picked the colors and upgrades had good taste.  There was quite a few of us who showed up from Houston.  Activities included crabbing, fishing, eating, grilling, fishing, basketball, and eating.  I ate way too much to say the least.  Your eyes are always bigger than your appetite.  This weekend was also the first time I used my new flash.  Overall I like the flash.  With the flash diffuser it softened the flash making the pictures look more natural.  The built in flash makes the pictures whiter than what they are and creates shadows.  The con: it made my camera freaking heavy.  I would have taken more pictures but after twisting my ankle I didn’t feel like walking with my camera.  Updated pictures are in the photo album.

Here are the things I observed over the Port Lavaca weekend:

  • There are eels of the non-electric type.
  • Travis Middle School basketball gym sucks, the rim was rock hard.
  • Sunny can catch fish with his bare hands.
  • Kingsford charcoal is hard to light although I haven’t had problems.
  • Fake fireplaces look real.
  • Front loading washers are efficient they don’t need much detergent.
  • Sunny doesn’t need bait to catch crabs.
  • Shiner Light is good.
  • Sunny’s mom makes good brisket.
  • My mom makes good noodles.  Many people requested it.
  • Seagulls are so greedy they’ll eat chicken with twine attached to it.
  • Helen’s funny when she’s mad.
  • Eels live in the Port Lavaca bay.
  • Sod is expensive.
  • Front loading washers are super quiet.

Armpit of the nation

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I was having a chitchat with a soon to be retiree heading to Florida.  He explained that he’s lived in Houston for 35 plus years in the real estate market.  Although happy to soon be retired he expressed how he felt about Houston.  Houston is the armpit of the nation.  It’s horrible.  There’s nothing to do here and nothing to see.  The humidity’s high, summers are killer, and our beaches are a joke.  In other cities you can invest in a property for 10-20 years and expect a 100-400% return.  You can’t get that type of return here.  The only thing you can do in Houston is work, having a decent living and eat.  The one thing Houston has a lot of is a variety of foods and chain restaurants.  For the most part I agree.  Our weather is well hot.  We don’t have the pretty beaches and there is nothing worth seeing here.  However Houston is a place of affordable living.  An average person can own a home here worth in the 5 millions on the east or west coast and live comfortably.  Plus our cost of living is the lowest of any metropolitan in the United States.  Do what I do, work and then go on vacation in other parts of the country.


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I found this interesting.  Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, the second man on the moon, plans to have a lottery to put the winner on the moon.  The lottery is for 20 million dollars (that’s how much it costs to put a man on the moon), and must be in good physical condition.  Here’s the catch.  The winner can’t give away, decline or sell on eBay his opportunity to go to the moon.  So if you win, you’re going.  This is in efforts to promote space travel.  This is quite interesting; I would buy a lottery ticket to go to the moon.


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For years I’ve been against proprietary hardware and Sony has been the prime example. Sony has created proprietary from Betamax, MiniDisc, UMD, Memory Stick, and now BlueRay. It’s arguable whether they’re successful or not in Japan, but in the US they’ve all been failures. Why spend so much time and effort creating your own standards? You’re one company fighting the entire industry for a format that’s ever changing. If I was the president of Sony I would discontinue all proprietary hardware and focus time and efforts on making a better product with industry accepted standards. I would also fire the goofball who keeps pushing the Sony only hardware.

When I saw Sony creating Compact Flash I could only laugh. Does this mean they’re finally giving into an accepted standard? I saw awhile back Sony was getting into the digital SLR cameras. Perhaps the Compact Flash is for their SLR line. Either way I wouldn’t purchase anything Sony.



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I’m sure everyone already knows about the Virginia Tech massacre that’s been on the news the entire day.  It’s tragic and it saddens me to find how someone can take the lives of innocent people without reason.  But it does bring up a good point on prevention.  The closest I’ve been to a school massacre is the University of Texas clock tower of 1966.  The preventative measure was closing off the clock tower.  It doesn’t however prevent someone from bringing a gun and shooting students.  Maybe the best method in my opinion is going to lawmakers and having stricter laws and penalties on owning guns.  I’ll go out on a limb and say the public shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns.  There are plenty of contraptions, devices, and sprays for self-defense that’s almost as effective as a gun.  Saying that I had a friend voice his opinion that people should be allowed to carry guns to school.  It violates the right to bear arms one of our basic rights of the constitution he says.  How does adding more guns and allowing them in schools solve things?

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