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I heard this on the radio this morning and it was quite interesting to know the 5 wealthiest states and 5 poorest states by median household income. I looked up the numbers and here are the statistics. Keep in mind these are median household incomes meaning combined incomes.

5 Richest
New Hampshire $57,352
New Jersey $56,772
Maryland $56,763
Connecticut $55,970
Minnesota $55,914

U.S. National Average $44,473
Texas $41,275

5 Poorest
West Virginia $32,589
Mississippi $33,659
Arkansas $33,948
Montana $35,201
Louisiana $35,523

At least I don’t live in the poorest state per median household income.



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For the person who got me sick this is your chance to fess up.  Someone over the weekend got too close to me with a throat infection.  Here are the symptoms I had Monday night.  I had a sore throat, headache, uncontrollable body temp, and body sensitive to the touch.  Whoever gave me that it wasn’t cool.  If I was sick I wouldn’t come near other people.  You made me take a sick day and stay in bed all day today.

Live sport

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I think this could be a bit over doing it: Friday volleyball, Saturday football, and Sunday basketball.  This morning I wake up sore almost all over to go to work.  Needless to say I was having trouble getting around all day with the soreness.  I have one request.  Can we not overdo the sports on the weekends?


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Today marks a milestone at work.  I single handedly drove a total of 170 miles to and from Jamaica Beach.  Have no idea where that is?  Try 20 miles southwest of Galveston County on the Island.

I got my Starbucks t-shirt too!  Thanks for the person who got it for me.  I’ll be sporting it this weekend.

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