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I heard this on the radio this morning.  Women’s Health magazine listed the top 5 things women don’t understand but men love and can’t give up.

1.    Video Games.  This is something I can’t give up.  Naturally we’re competitive.  Whether it’s beating each other up or in competition sports we have to win.  As we age slowly we can’t play sports anymore.  We ache and our bodies don’t bounce back like it use to.  How do we keep our competitive drive?  Through video games.

2.    Simple Arguments.  When I get in arguments I just want it to end.  Ok your right, Ok I’m wrong and this is why, end of story.  Women on the other hand want to go into details of what the thought process is and what their feelings are in the process.  Yes or no, end of story.

3.    Fantasy Sports.  This goes with video games.  We can’t compete anymore so we relive our glory days through athletes as we create a team to win.  I personally don’t play any fantasy sports because it’s a black hole.  It sucks time and never gives it back.

4.    Old Sports Equipment.  Why do we hang on to our old cleats, and old football?  We might one day decide to go back into sports.  Key word is “might”.  Can’t play contact football anymore.  Good thing there’s flag football.

5.    Old Tshirt/Sweatshirt.  We like to keep old clothes around because they fit and they feel good.  I don’t have a problem with this.  I will however wear clothes until they get holes in them.

My ride

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As my car age, yes my check engine light came on again; new cars have looked more tempting than before. My philosophy for a car has always been transporting you from point A to point B. How fast you travel that distance and how stylish makes no difference as long as you get there safely. Most of the philosophy has stayed the same because I favor compact cars. However I this next time I will need a larger car. Of course I have my wants and wishes, but those aren’t practical or affordable. Surfing on the web last night I Googled 2008 Accord Sedan just to see the direction of Honda. So, if I had to buy a car next year (my car will make it to 2008) it would be between the Lexus IS and Honda Accord Sedan.

Who knows what would happen from now until next year, but so far these 2 cars are the only ones I like out on the market. Just for practicality and affordability’s sake, Honda will probably be the most bang for the buck.

2008 Honda Accord


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It’s been a problem for some time now and I think it’s finally been resolved. Some days I would get over 100 spam comments anything from insurance, car quotes, porn, to Viagra. With the new upgrade of Wordpress it should solve the spam comments. Wordpress uses Akismet to filter spam.

Not that I get that many comments, but at least it’ll run I through a known list of spammers that’s automatically updated. Now I don’t have to read and delete spam comments. I can spend more time making sure there’s air in my tires.


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February birthdays are killing me.  I never noticed until now the number of February babies.  All at once HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the following people:


Please excuse me if I’m late or if I forgot anyone.
Your truly is also a February birthday.


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Frankly speaking, your friend code system sucks, Nintendo. Why is every game’s friend code different? Why can’t a friend list be under the operating system instead of embedded in each game? For every single game I have to add the same friends. That makes no sense. And why can’t a chat system be integrated within the game? I’m sitting here playing against friends over WiFi and I can’t ever speak to them.


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