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I’ve been warned the overuse of Chap Stick will cause an addiction.  I shrugged it off and years of using Chap Stick has made me addicted to it.  When Chap Stick is used regularly your lips are accustomed and doesn’t produce moisture.  I remembered suffering without my Chap Stick when it was in the mid to high 30’s this winter.  I had to make a special trip at work to a convenient store for relief.


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Slowly nuts have risen to the top of the healthy snack list.  So which one reigns king?  Of the ten most popular nuts each were analyzed for their content of antioxidants.

1.    Pecans
2.    Walnuts
3.    Hazelnuts
4.    Pistachios
5.    Almonds
6.    Peanuts
7.    Cashews
8.    Macadamias
9.    Brazil Nuts
10.    Pine Nuts

Mens Health March 2007


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Create your own drink and get a free t-shirt from Starbucks.  I had no idea you could customize your coffee that much at Starbucks.  Whatever I get I usually request no whip cream cause I have no idea which coffee comes with whip cream and which doesn’t.  Sometimes it’s funny to order a drink with no whip cream and then request no whip cream.  The cashier gives you the look and say it doesn’t come with whip cream.  When that happens I give the look back like I knew it didn’t come with whip cream.  Not the best save but at least you have the last word.



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This is one of the few pictures I took at the Richmond House in preparation for the big day (not mine).

Trail ride

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Today’s the day the trail riders make it to Houston.    Each year before the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo the trail riders make their way into Houston to kick off this yearly event.  I don’t do anything on this day, but I have coworkers who participate on different trail rides.  Basically you sign up for one of these things, bring your own horse, pay money start somewhere outside Houston and ride your horse into Houston’s Memorial Park.  There’s many different trail rides and they can start in San Antonio or Austin to Houston.  This is quite a big event because my coworkers will take up to two weeks off to ride a horse into Houston.  So all these different trail rides meet in Memorial Park and an award is given for the best trail ride.  Tomorrow morning all the trail riders ride together in a big parade in downtown Houston to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  Supposedly it’s a big party with lots of food and alcohol.  But it’s BYOH – bring your own horse, I guess I’m out.

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