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Hello!  We’re not in Seattle.  Stop this raining, misting, and cloudy weather for the past two weeks.

Rain, rain, go away, come back some other month.

We need sunlight!


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We live in a society governed by laws. There are policies, rules we abide by. When something’s not working then new procedures are created. I never understood why when guests use the host computer; they close Internet windows. The iMac is never turned off. It’s on standby mode at all times when not in use for sake of convenience. When I’m viewing a website and I want to save it for later, but it’s not worth book marking I leave it open. So when I come back 1 hour later or at the end of the day I awake my computer to find the windows still there. I don’t mind guests using my computer. The only thing that annoys me is if I have windows open, they close them. Perhaps they do it to agitate me. Well it worked, because from now on there are new rules for using the iMac.

Here are the new rules for using the iMac:

  • open your own Firefox window. File>New Window
  • feel free to play any music you want. Please stop music when your done.
  • don’t install anything
  • don’t delete anything
  • stop closing my Firefox tabs and windows. if I wanted them closed I would do it myself.
  • log off AdiumX(Aim)

After testing it this weekend it’s been quite successful. 0 windows closed.

Crack this!

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At the beginning of this week the cold front came.  I had a chip on my windshield for the longest time and I never bothered to change it because it was smaller than a pea size chip.  Due to the cold wet weather I noticed that it grew an inch on Monday.  Sigh, I thought to myself.  Now I have to go to a windshield place and fix the chip.  This morning as I woke up and drove the car to work I didn’t notice any noticeable difference.  This afternoon as I got off work I got in my car and noticed a huge line that grew from the chip.  The 1-inch crack grew to over half my windshield.  (#%*Y(#*Y&$&@@!!!!!!!!!!  Apparently now I have to replace the whole windshield.

This SUX!

Stupid cold weather!


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Before a substation is built, it’s usually surrounded by dirt.  Once all the digging and construction is done, then they go back and level out the yard and make it drivable.  Since it’s been raining the past few days all the dirt turned to mud and driving inside the yard has been quite a challenge when there are 5 other crews’ onsite.  I almost felt like a kid again walking in the mud.  After a few steps it would be difficult to walk because of the accumulation of mud.  Anyways, close to quitting time we get ready to leave but a distribution crew blocked off the main road.  The distribution lineman directed us to a small, but muddy route that we could take to get out of the substation and onto the way home.  We take that route and all of a sudden the van I drive starts to veer towards the ditch.  A few hits on the gas got us nowhere and we were slowly sliding towards the bottom of the ditch.  My coworker was panicked and worried about getting home on time while I sat and laughed.  The distribution lineman pulled the van out of the mud with his dualy.  That was the first time I’ve ever got a company vehicle stuck in the mud.

Lessons learned:  Being able to laugh even in a pinch.  Them dualy trucks are awesome.  They can drive through the mud and never get stuck.  No wonder them country boys like to drive them.


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If you live in Houston then you would know that today would be the perfect day to be at work.  Today the weather in Houston was 36 degrees with a wind chill at 25 degrees with off and on rain.  Why’s it the perfect day to be at work?  Well, imagine if the day was sunny with no cloud in the sky and at 70 degrees.  Would you want to be at work on a day like that?  My point exactly.  Make the day as miserable as can be and that would be the perfect workday.

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