Return 2006

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Inspired by Hank’s post of Your Personal Rate of Return, I had to find out my rate of return for myself.  After navigating and getting a headache from Fidelity Investments, I finally decided to call and figure out where your personal rate of return was.  Evidently your personal rate of return doesn’t apply to Roth IRA’s.  Frustrated, Hank told me to calculate it myself.  With all the technology out there I was depending on a website to tell me my rate of return.  What’s this world coming to?  So I whip out the calculator and after a few keystrokes; are you guys ready?  Drum roll please……  My personal rate of return this year is a whopping 9.19%.  Whoooooo hoooo!


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Since one of my new years resolutions was to finish decorating the place, I’ve been busy furniture shopping again.  As much as I hated it before, I still hate it now.  This reminded me of the furniture shopping post I wrote from the original  Here’s the new and improved version.

  • First of all if it’s a small furniture store, pass. Don’t even waste your time. Contrary to what you’re thinking, small furniture stores lack selection and prices are not flexible.
  • The key words to pay attention to are: fine, custom and designer. Any furniture store that has one of the key words means you better shell out some cash and no sales. Even if there was a sale you wouldn’t even be able to afford it, so don’t let the big red sale sign fool you.
  • Don’t go furniture shopping when you’re in a bad mood. A good friend gave me that advice and it holds true. You’ll regret later when you’re in a good mood and find that you chose something tacky.
  • Shop on a full stomach. When you’re hungry you’re more prone to make a quick decision. A quick decision is always a bad decision.
  • Drag your friends shopping with you and put them to the test. Say, what do you think of this piece of furniture?  If they say it’s your furniture don’t bring them with you next time. Bring the ones who are highly opinionated and can give you a yes or a no according to the type of taste you have.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and get ready to walk.
  • Dress scrubby. Sales representatives are less likely to pressure you to a bad purchase when you look like you can’t afford furniture. I can pull that off easily.
  • Bring girls with you.  They have a higher sense of color than guys.  Oh yeah, and they match colors better than we do.
  • Your friends can get frustrated going furniture shopping with you.  If they do shop alone and if you decide it’s something you want drag your friends with you.
  • Don’t always feel like you have to have it and settle for something else.  Pick out what you want, and if it’s not there wait.  Good deals happen to those who are patient.
  • Furniture doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive.  Pick carefully and you’ll be able to find something that’s appears expensive.

Remember, you don’t necessarily have to have good taste. But if you have friends with good taste, they can make you shine. It’s the people around you who can make you look better than you really are.


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It was a tri-fecta birthday party this weekend. Happy birthday: Annette, Jason, and Sunny.

They’re respective ages are: 30, 32, and 31. Wow, they older than me.


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From Hank’s wedding:

I’ll steal more later.

Egg roll

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Why do they call egg rolls, egg rolls? They don’t have egg in it or egg white. There’s no egg rolled up in them. There’s no egg mixture. It’s not even the shape of an egg.

Wikipedia’s Egg Roll: An egg roll is made by wrapping a combination of chopped vegetables (often mostly cabbage), meat, and sometimes noodles, in a sheet of dough, then deep frying it. It can be closed or open ended.

Where in the definition does it say egg except for the name?

truly baffling…

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