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Guess what!  Today’s front page of the sports section in the Houston Chronicle stated, “Texans could spend off-season looking for Mr. Right at QB.”  Houstonians, don’t we distinctly remember new Head Coach, Gary Kubiak, saying we didn’t need a new quarterback?  I think it’s time you ate your words, Gary Kubiak.  Thank you again for not picking Vince Young and making football miserable to watch in the great football state of Texas.


Ms Paint

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You think MS Paint is a primitive paint program? I thought so too until I saw this. Then I realized I was a primitive artist.



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Q: How do you know you’re tired?

A: When you’re sitting in a morning meeting and still sleepy after drinking 20oz of coffee.

Power of one

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These days it’s hard to speak without offending someone.  It’s amazing how one person can speak and have the power to change an organization.  The power of one is the power that has Wal-Mart change “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays”.  The power of one is the power that makes everyone take down pictures when one is offensive.  The power of one is the power that creates policies and procedures when someone is offended.  More and more society is afraid to speak out because we may hurt feelings.  To those who are the power of one:  stop messing it up for everyone.  We were doing fine until you opened your mouth.

Which Disney Princess Are You???

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According to the answers you have just chosen you are most like the Disney Princess Belle.

Belle is as lovely as her name implies but her natural unaffected beauty is far more than skin deep. An intelligent and avid reader Belle yearns for faraway places and exciting adventures. She is a loyal, loving daughter and when the beast finally wins her trust she gives him all her kindness and patience and then realizes she has also given him her heart. With her inner strength and outward beauty, Belle is a young woman who can and does make things happen.

Not all of this seems accurate….I don’t like to read….


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