Digital age

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Years accumulation of important documents has lead me to change the way I file important paperwork. The old way was to get a file cabinet and store documents. Efficient as it can be, sooner or later you would need more space for more file cabinets. Enter the digital age. A little digging and research has led me to the Canon Pixma MP5300. Although I’m not a fan of all in ones, this does accomplish scanning multiple documents into PDF. An auto paper fed scanner in black and white can easily run in the $250’s. Which is why I chose the MP530. At $150 with auto paper feed and the ability to scan in color, it’s almost easy to make the decision. A quick check on the feedback on Amazon and CNET almost confirms that this product is superior to the HP equivalent.

Why didn’t I think of this earlier? Time to scan away.


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I finally held this blog long enough to be entrusted with a email account.  From now on I can be contacted at

Ultimate comeback

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Get insulted often?  I’ve been picked on, called names, and taunted and I haven’t the comeback for every situation until now.  I’ve come up with the comeback of all comebacks.  I’ve devised the perfect comeback for any and every situation.  When you get insulted with a word, all you have to do is come back with “You’re a ________.”  Let me give you a few examples.

insult:  You’re a dork.
comeback:  YOU’RE A DORK.

insult:  You’re stupid.
comeback:  YOU’RE STUPID.

See, works every time.  It takes a few tries, but it can be mastered easily.  Soon your insulter will be speechless.

Recycle paper

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In Japan white paper is a premium. Japan imports used paper from the United States to be recycled to white paper. This Toshiba recycles paper up to 500 times by exposing it to heat. When the temperature is above 180 degrees centigrade the pigment turns black. If it’s exposed to temperatures between 130 and 160 degrees it turns the paper white removing previously printed images.

Small town

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You know when your in a small town atmosphere when your at a 4 way intersection sitting on a red light for 4 minutes when there are no cars waiting to go in any other direction.

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