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Carey introduced me to … Nacho Libre…yes the movie… Last saturday, Jason, Carey, Sunny, and I watched NACHO LIBRE on Sunny’s computer. Now I am a Nacho Libre junkie. I have watched it once a day for the past 4 days. My favorite part is the part when he jumps on his homeless wrestling partner (who stole the chips for the orphange)…propelled by his fart. HAHA Fart is just a funny word. No matter if you say it or type it.

Sick world

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What’s this world coming to if a stripper pole is sold as a toy? I heard it on the radio this morning as I was driving to work and I was quite shocked. It was sold in the toy section of a .com and pulled after complaints. You would think that it’s a British toy and the only way you could get it is either in Britain or on the Internet. As I was listening on the radio a caller mentioned it was sold at Spencer’s in Baybrook mall. sickening….


Screaming Servants

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New Life Fellowship hosted a Halloween bowl over the weekend. It’s fun to play against other people and to win especially. Football’s always fun cause it brings me back to my glory days. I don’t have the legs I use to or the endurance. After 3 of the 5 games we played I was already cramping up. Even drinking as much Gatorade as I did didn’t help the cramps. Nevertheless it was a perfect day to play football.

Screaming Servants! A perfect 5-0.

In co-ed football the girls make the difference.

**High resolution pictures are by request.**

Closet internet

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Everyone has to go ghetto every once in awhile.

Sunday when I got home my Internet quit working. When Internet quits working there are many points to check if there’s a router involved. First thing I always try is resetting everything. With no luck I tried looking at the router status for Roadrunner’s ip address. With an unrecognizable ip address and multiple resets I head to the closet with my laptop where all the equipment is. Before my place was built every room was pre-wired for gigabit to the master bedroom’s closet. After isolating the router, plugging directly into the cable modem with no success I finally made the call to Roadrunner. Total time I spent with Road Runner’s technicians and being on hold: 50 minutes. At end it did work, but after many DHCP renews. Content I disconnected and plugged the cable modem back into the wireless router. sigh.. I should have kept the technician on the phone, because it quit working again. After many resets and renews I gave up determined to storm into one of Time Warner’s stores first thing in the morning to swap cable modems. The Internet down is like a slow drain on my mood. An hour before I went to bed I decided to try one last time with the laptop and voila it worked again. It was time for a decision. I could either a) keep everything like it is until tomorrow when I swap out the modem or b) risk unplugging the laptop and plugging to the router. I conservatively chose “A” and for the rest of the night I was a closet Internet user. No matter how you word “I’m in the closet using the Internet” it never sounds right.

Conclusion: While I was on hold I Time Warner Roadrunner was experiencing outages in the Houston area. My cable modem’s DHCP would sit and wait for an ip address from Roadrunner until it finally gave up. This morning when I tried it a few times and everything seemed normal so I plugged into the router and everything was normal again.


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Here’s more proof that sports drinks are better than water.

St. Cloud State University researchers found that men who consumed a sports drink containing both carbohydrates and protein were able to rehydrate 40 percent faster after a hard workout than when they drank water, and 15 percent faster compared with drinking a carbohydrate-only solution. Why? “The protein acts like a magnet that pulls water in,” says lead investigator John Seifert, Ph.D. In the study, the scientists experimented with Accelerade, one of the few sports drinks infused with protein.

Men’s Health November 2006

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