Tickle me

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Test your sense of humor.


If you can watch this whole video without laughing then you have no sense of humor.

If you laugh and you’re the only one in the room you’ve got some sense of humor.

If you laugh with people around you, you’ve got a great sense of humor.


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Welcome bubbles

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Bubbles is someone I after college. Her fiance is someone I grew up with. After college we went our separate ways but one day we met up in Houston and I found out that they were driving to Houston every single weekend. It’s cool how things always turn out at the end.

This picture almost speaks for itself.

Meet Yao Ming

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Old ricefarmers might remember me talking about meeting Yao Ming. Back then every time I met Yao Ming, it was a poster. Tonight it happened! Asian American Studies University of Houston was having their 10th annual gala and Formosa Plastics had a table. Thanks to Jason we were invited to represent Formosa Plastics.

Here’s the crew in no particular order: Vahndy, Sunny, Jason, Jenny, Annette, Annie, and Helen.

I was so intimidated by the size of Yao Ming, I forgot to look up at his face when I shook his hand.

Yao Ming looked like that the whole night, the dry toasty look. I think he was either jet lagged or he got tired of all the camera flashes.

I knew he wouldn’t do it, but I couldn’t resist. I got up and asked Yao Ming for an autograph. He rejected me. He rejected me in English. “I’m sorry, I’m not signing autographs right now.” hahahaha. Oh well, worth the shot.

Thank you Formosa Plastics for the opportunity to represent your company. It was an honor.

Dentist visit

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I don’t usually like going to the dentist but this was one unique experience.  This morning was my first time to the dentist office in 1.5 years for a cleaning.  For all those people who have insurance they know cleanings are at 6 month increments and a max of 2 cleanings a year.  Tells you how long it has been since I went for a cleaning.  I got to the office early because I was a new patient and new patients usually have to go through x-rays and paperwork.  As I followed the nurse to the patient chair, I noticed each chair had an LCD TV mounted for the patient.  IT HAD AN LCD TV.  I wasn’t home over the weekend so I flipped to ESPN to catch all the football I missed while the nurse took my x-rays.  How cool is that!  The nurse even adjusted the LCD TV for me while the dentist did the cleaning.  Unfortunately the angle I was reclined made it impossible to watch and the buzzing sound from the cleaning device made the TV impossible to hear.  The dentist even took pictures of my teeth with a camera and showed me on the LCD TV.  Then the dentist informed me of the bad news that my teeth needed work and it would take 2 visits.  Yikes…  At least I’ll be entertained for my next 2 visits.

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