Gov’t spending

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I’m sick of all the government spending. It seems like the government has butt into every sector and tried to get this country out of the recession. The insurance sector was given hundreds of billions. The banking sector was given hundreds of billions. The auto industry was given 10’s of billions. The housing industry was given billions. Since the government is pumping trillions into our economy how about the government bail out the average Joe. How about the government give out thousands of dollars to each individual who didn’t spend frivolously into debt? How about the government give thousands to those who were responsible and paid their bills on time to avoid foreclosure? How about the government give thousands to those who paid their taxes on time? Tell you what, I’ll decline all that if the government will give me what I lost in my 401k from the ones who were irresponsible. And you know what, I won’t even withdraw it now. I’ll even wait until I retire before I use that money. How about that for irresponsible spending?

Health care

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These past few weeks the overhauling of the health care has taken over the news. All over the nation townhall meetings were held so people can voice their opinion. Maybe someone who follows politics more can tell me if the past presidencies had townhall meetings. I don’t recall if the Bush or the Clinton administration there were such things. For the first time in my life I’ve lost total confidence in our leaders especially for this administration. In one swoop Obama tripled our highest deficit and proceeded to tell the public he inherited the highest deficit in our history. Now he’s proposing spending another 1 trillion dollars in the next 10 years to overhaul our health care. So are we going to print more money devaluing our once all mighty dollar? Whatever Obama’s proposing the radio stations are eating him alive with inconsistencies in his speeches. While as a senator and while campaigning to today his views has been anything but consistent. And you know what, today’s approval numbers tell the tale. It would be great if his numbers keep slipping cause you know what, I don’t like being lied to. Obama’s got it right, the government can compete along privatized businesses like UPS or Fedex, look has messed up the post office is. I believe if the government takes over health care, it will be just like the USPS, screwed up.


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Never have I been so attuned to current events. Although I’ve been busy, it doesn’t stop me from keeping up with this country. Our president hasn’t even been in office for one year and he’s managed to lie, spend, spend and blame others. This week’s dominating headlines has been the cash for clunkers. I don’t like this program at all. If it’s meant to boost Detroit sales, it did, but foreign car makers dominated sales. If it’s meant to help the environment, who’s disposing the clunkers? If it’s meant to boost car mileage, how come people are able to trade in their clunkers for cars that get the same gas mileage? If it’s meant to boost the economy, why is the government selling cars to people who can’t afford cars? I would like to see the statistic of the number cars are repossessed through this program. Terrible move, Obama, terrible.

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