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Today talking to my coworker I stumbled onto some useless but interesting factoid. This was one of my old coworkers in my old work location I stumbled onto today. As we were catching up he explained how he got married, had a baby girl, and got divorced. Evidently each state has different divorce laws. But the part that intrigued me most was that Texas favors women mostly in divorces. I realize that both parties fail when there’s a divorce, but if the woman’s a deadbeat the judge will still rule in her favor. When there are children involved judges tend to give custody to the woman even if she proves no interest but pleads to have custody. Growing up here I’m not exposed to other states handling divorces and have always thought courts favored the woman. Of course the rest of the couple’s belongings are divided in half when they are purchased after marriage. Same goes for each other’s 401k and anything that accumulates interest half at the duration of the marriage. Not that I would plan on getting married and divorced, but equality please. Please judge each case to favor the ones hurt most in the divorce, the children.

Twins v2

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I’ve grown since the last update. These days I peel my own oranges, eat with adult supervision and I love to play. I’m beginning to recognize faces and respond with their names when asked. My vocabulary grows everyday and I’m starting to express what I want and don’t want. I still don’t like to sleep in the afternoons opting to play.


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It’s rare we’re together as a family. The next family picture will probably in another 3 years. I’m already counting down the days.


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Growing up with the groom, I saw lots of familiar faces at the wedding. Growing up in a small town with a small chinese community it doesn’t take long to recognize the faces. I haven’t seen some parents in 12+ years in some cases. Some dads were almost unrecognizable without the wife, but still I didn’t mix up any names. I did notice an overwhelming number of Chen’s at the wedding. I told my friends if someone’s parent walked up to you recognized you, but you didn’t recognize them you can say “Hi Mr/Mrs Chen” and chances are you will be right. I did however lose patience with the people who confused me with Hank. Growing up with these people you figured they would remember you. The last mom who confused me for Hank had a daughter the same year as me. That’s when I lost it. Here’s how it went:

Once we make eye contact (in chinese of course):
me: Mr. and Mrs. ______. How are you? Long time no see.
mom: (the mom usually speaks) So where’s your wife?
me: umm, I don’t have one.
mom: Don’t you live in California?
me: No, I live in Houston.
me: (walks away)

I was correcting the parents initially when they confused me for Hank and the conversation would be salvaged. But after the third time, I figured if I had to correct them this time, I would have to correct them next time. What’s the point of correcting them now?


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I hope I’m not like this when I have kids.

Moms are great and you have to love them.  But mine can drive me absolutely nuts.  Yes, I have many stories, so I’ll focus on one at a time.  Before going to Paris my sister warned it would be cold, bring a jacket.  Ok, that’s fine I said to myself.  As time got closer for me to pack I checked the weather in Paris a few times in Fahrenheit because Celsius confuses me and I saw it was in the mid 50’s.  I’m not one to get cold easily so mid 50’s is a long sleeve shirt with a t-shirt over it.  I couldn’t count the number of times my mom reminded me to bring a jacket.  And every single time my response was I don’t need one.  Come day of the flight mom asked me again, “Did you pack a jacket?”  “I don’t need one.”  “Here, I looked in the closet at home and found this, it should fit.”  Now I’m aggravated.  Mom acts like the 12 years I’ve lived alone I never owned 1 jacket.  On top of that I was reminded many times to bring a jacket.  On top of that she brings me a jacket I wore my first 2 years of high school.  Why tell me to bring a jacket if you were going to bring me one anyways?  Finally I gave in and packed my own jacket taking approximately 1/5 of the luggage space.  The number of times I used the jacket in Paris: 0.  It never left my luggage.

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