Back that drive up

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I’ve never experienced a complete hard drive failure. Fortunately I’ve been able to catch the few times my hard drive started to fail thus prompting me to copy everything out. In the past it has been internal drives in the PC. This time it’s the hard drive enclosure I purchased for a premium about 3 years ago. The setup is one drive acts as a dump and another drive acts as the time machine drive. Wait a few weeks then turn on the external to do a time machine backup on certain folders. Once things are done, turn off and unplug the enclosure. This week as I’m turning on the enclosure I’m finding the drive’s not getting recognized. Further troubleshooting found one of the drives not turning on. Without troubleshooting any further I start to copy the backup of the backup onto an external I bought. I know that sounds anal, but I avoided a potential bad situation. These days I can’t stress how important my data is. It’s getting to a point where the data I keep isn’t only for me but for other people.

Always backup.

Now to figure out what’s wrong with the enclosure.

I’m a PC

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Don’t you like the new Microsoft Ads where customers are allowed to pick which laptop under $1500 and they’re allowed to keep the laptop? Microsoft got tired of Apple’s commercials and finally decided to fight back and make their own commercials. The one with the mom and son is the one I see the most. He goes into Best Buy and browses laptops and makes a face at Apple’s Macbook because the screen’s too small. He ends up picking a PC and they’re both excited cause they get a free laptop. The only problem I see with this commercial is that Microsoft doesn’t make computers. They’re a software company.


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In my mind the best combination for wedding photography is having a 24-70mm f2.8 and 70-200mm f2.8. The close range is covered and if there’s something long distant the 200mm covers the distance. My current do it all lens is 24-105mm f4. With the 24-70mm f2.8 you get another stop of light, which is crucial in wedding photography. It’s tough enough fighting the constant light changes without adding the factor of a dark reception area. The best part about having Canon shooters as friends, everyone pay attention, you can borrow lenses. Over the weekend I borrowed the 70-200mm f2.8 to test-drive it. I knew it was a great lens and I would be satisfied with the pictures. But actually using the lens is what I was after. First impressions was a noticeably heavier lens. Other than stating the obvious bigger lens, lets get down to it. One thing I did notice, at 70mm and shooting something close, the camera won’t focus. It makes sense, it’s a zoom lens and at 70mm, compared to my do it all lens, I’m habitually standing too close to the subject. Take 3 steps back and problem solved. One nit pick I did have about the 5DM2 was that under low light the camera would have problems finding the focus. While using the 70-200mm I didn’t find any problems grabbing the focus. I was able to stand in the back comfortably and snap candid’s without the subject noticing. It’s a noticeable difference with the 24-105mm cause my subject notices I’m taking a picture. People tend to be less natural when they know they’re getting a mug shot taken. With the extra stop of light under aperture priority I was able to capture more than I normally would with more pictures in focus. After reviewing the pictures I’m quite happy with the results. Canon built a must have and it’s a lens I would like to add to my repertoire of lenses. I can see on a long day the lens would be heavy, but it’s a small price to pay for capturing the moment.

White balance

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I’ve got a serious problem.

All this time I’ve been processing pictures on the main computer thinking the color’s correct. Just today while on the new laptop after I processed and uploaded pictures I noticed on the main computer the pictures looked too warm. One glance back at the website with the newly uploaded pictures and it seems fine, just like I processed them. So the biggest dilemma is which monitor has the correct color? Do I trust the main computer that’s about 5 years old or do I trust the laptop that’s 3 months old? All this time dealing with white balance and I’ve always trusted the main computer thinking PC’s were too dark.



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Ever since my point and shoot, Pentax Optio S was stolen almost 3 years ago I haven’t had the urge to buy another point and shoot. Since I bought an SLR class camera, I’ve always opted to carry the heavier camera favoring higher quality pictures. Now I’ve been carrying the heavy camera/lens around, I’m starting to have the itch to buy another point and shoot. I’ve always read the Canon G series has been a great camera for advanced camera users because #1) it has manual features #2) it’s portable and #3) it has a hot shoe. Now that I have a wireless transmitter and receiver it enables me to move the flash off camera. Bundle that with a Canon G10 and all of a sudden you opened up another dimension of photography that’s impossible with a normal point and shoot. To prove the point I borrowed Ken’s G9 and I was quite impressed. It was just as simple to use the wireless transmitter and receiver on the G9 as my SLR. I’m so impressed I’m willing to recommend it for people who want more than a point and shoot, but is not ready to spend money on an SLR. It’s a smaller investment and a great beginner camera to learn manual features of any camera.

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