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Here are pictures I took off a Power Point Presentation I got from work.


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The calm before the storm.

Actually this picture was taken at 6:55pm.


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So I spent a weekend in Austin to help move. I’m not a big fan of moving nor am I a fan of moving my own stuff. But when you’re a college student you have to live the temporary life constantly moving from place to place. Here are a few of the pictures I got after the move.

Would you eat anything that looked like this when they served it? Guess what, it was Pluckers. Don’t look as disgusting as before huh?

This is us visiting the capitol. The last time I was at the capitol was when I was a student myself. Things haven’t changed except this time I had my camera with me to capture the moment. This picture is captured at 24mm.

Full zoom at 105mm looks like this. The picture looks a lot more interesting now that you can see the faces.

The rest of the pictures are posted.

iPhone line

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On a night I can’t sleep here’s a picture from last month of the 3G iPhone release in the Galleria. The line wrapped all the way to the elevators for the people who know the layout of the Houston Galleria. I’de have to say the wait wasn’t that bad compared to what I was reading on the Internet.

This also marks the first time I’ve waited in line for a gadget. I thought about waiting for a PSP and PS3 to sell on eBay, but never did it.

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