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It’s been decided. The best beaches in the nation belongs to California, specifically Los Angeles. How can you beat mid 60’s as the low and mid 70’s as the high? Growing up I was never much of a beach person cause of the heat, the humidity and Texas beaches mostly pick up mud. Yeah, very unpleasant. I think if I grew up with the Cali beaches I wouldn’t ever think beaches were torture. It’s unfair. I think if they have the weather, then they should have terrible beaches. And if we have terrible weather, we should have nice beaches. Yes?


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I haven’t been to Dallas in a few years and last weekend was the first time in what feels like a long time. Our church had an RETW event hosted in Dallas church. I always go kicking and screaming to these events cause I don’t like to be out of the comforts of my own home. It holds true every single event I attend that when I’m sleeping there has to be someone snoring. It holds true every single event I attend I’m sleep deprived. Nevertheless spending the time to get closer to God always changes my attitude.

This time the focus was on teaching and different techniques we could use. One activity we did was teaming up into 2’s and your partner was blindfolded while the other one spoke and guided his/her partner through the obstacle course. During the drive home from Dallas to Houston I start reflected upon that particular activity. Even though the activity was fun and quite entertaining there’s much we can take from it. As an RE student there are obstacles in life we must face. The person instructing you is the RE teacher guiding the blindfolded student. Going through the obstacle course sometimes we need strict instructions and sometimes the instructions can be broad. Sometimes we are allowed to test the waters and sometimes we need someone to guide us through. Not everyone the student encounters will benefit them and not every decision the student makes will glorify God. But as teachers we are there to guide them, sometimes we are gentle, sometimes we are stern, and sometimes we are patient. However it’s undeniable how much we want the student to succeed in God’s eyes and be a shining beacon of light in a world growing dimmer and dimmer.

Saying that, I will probably be kicking and screaming going to the next event. Nevertheless I will make the best of it. Pictures are posted from the event.



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I’ve never liked dealing with people. One time at work I sat in the customer service call center listening to people calling in with complaints, comments, and recommendations. You know what, it’s endless. I’ve found in the service industry no mater how great your service is people will always complain. You could get everything right to the T yet human nature says people won’t be happy.

I hesitated and contemplated when I was asked to be on the church building committee. After some convincing I finally gave in and decided to help. Every time I sit through a meeting I feel as though I made a mistake. In the work environment there’s a superior or client that goes above all opinion. However, in a church setting we are to take the congregation’s suggestions and build accordingly. You know, sometimes I wish to be in that work setting where someone would say this is how we’re going to do it instead of all the bickering back and forth trying to interpret members’ opinions. Sure people will agree and people will disagree I’ve accepted that. But I can’t accept making 100% of the members happy because I know in a work setting it would never happen. Even when the congregation unanimously votes, why do we go back and argue of one person’s opinion? Yes, I realize everyone’s opinion is important, but we are in a situation that no matter how perfectly executed people will complain. I’m SO ready to step down and say assign me things to do, I’ll do it, I just don’t want to be part of the decision making process.


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This month is almost at its end and I have to say it’s been quite an eventful one. It feels good to go out and shoot pictures again. I would like to shoot more photography but it seems like I’ve got something going on every single weekend. But at the same time shooting also has me backlogged in processing pictures. Hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll be able to sort, process and post more pictures.


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The last time I went to the rodeo was 3 years ago. Things haven’t changed except things obviously cost more now. I do like the rodeo and the things it represents. Every year thousands of volunteers come together and decide on whom to invite to perform to where to park. It’s a big tradition for Texans and many of my coworkers take time off for the trail ride. I like how it brings all sorts of people together to enjoy the carnival, competition or performances. To this day I still don’t understand how they score the biggest event, the bull riding. Nevertheless the least I can do is enjoy the food and play a few games. One of the first times I went to the rodeo I distinctly remember smelling the livestock walking through the Reliant center. This time the smell was at a minimum limited to the livestock areas. I didn’t like the Astrodome. These days it sits there like a sore thumb decaying. Might as well tear it down if no one’s going to use it. One of the biggest things I noticed is that even with the economy so bad there were a ton of people there spending money. I guess Houston hasn’t been as bad as the rest of the nation.

Pictures are posted.

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