Good Friday

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Those with Good Friday off get a 3 day weekend. yay! Those with Good Friday off and on a 4 day work schedule with Monday off get a 4 day weekend. YAY!


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Every working body fears the word outsourcing. Just last week I was at a meeting discussing the future of the department and the direction the company is going. My stance/opinion towards management and the company has always been low. I always favor the working class because *ahem* I am one. I’ve always felt management has made the wrong decisions when there’s a decision to make. In addition management has reduced the workforce enough to where we don’t have enough people to fill or willing to take the positions. As an employee I’ve decided the best step is to do the least amount of work possible while keeping job security. My ears perked up as soon as engineers mentioned outsourcing something we did in house during the meeting. As soon as the company starts outsourcing sooner or later my job will be outsourced. I hate to stand up and fight, but I need my job to last until I’m ready to leave. I hate to stand in front and teach a class, but if that’s what it takes to keep my job security so be it.

sigh….. what am I getting myself into……


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I’m not sure why I’m considered the computer expert at work. I’ve renounced all knowledge of PC’s many times at work and still I get questions plenty of PC related questions. I’ve even expressed “I don’t know, it’s a PC” with no luck. Today I was approached with, “AC, I have a computer question.” Busy with my email, I didn’t even acknowledge the question. But when I got to a stopping point I turned around and said, “Ok, what is it?” For some reason, some of the guys in the shop can’t help answering other peoples’ questions. Before I could get a word out, a coworker already began speaking. As patient as I am, I let the first time go. I waited for him to finish then I gave my 2 cents of advice. Now the person asking the question has 2 different people speaking to him causing confusion. A little bit confused I was asked a follow-up question. This time as I spoke I was interrupted by a long explanation of something unrelated (typical response from this coworker). Not letting him faze me, I shrug it off and continue with my email. So Mr. Interrupter gets up and out of the office to use the restroom. Again I was asked the same question. With no interruption I was able to explain to the best of my ability possible solutions. Before I was able to finish Mr. Interrupter comes back, senses we were talking about the same thing and continues with more unrelated advice. You know what, after three times it’s time to say something. “No one asked you! No one’s talking to you!” Some of the younger guys did find it amusing and started laughing. Mr. Interrupter paused and started talking again about unrelated things and picking on me about things I did in the past. Some things never change and some old guys never get it. Oh well, I still got my 10 seconds of laughter out of it.

Jenny and Jing

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I can add another mark on the belt for shooting weddings. Last night Jenny and Jing were married and I had the privilege to shoot the wedding. I’ve shot friends’ weddings and people I don’t know. The ones I prefer and have much more fun shooting are friends’ weddings. It’s the friends’ weddings you know most of the people there. It’s also the friends’ weddings you are more comfortable and are able to get shots you are less likely to get when shooting strangers’ weddings. When I shoot friends’ I’m more behind the scenes. At the end of the day I am exhausted. Asian weddings tend to last the whole day and after 10 hours you start to feel the burn in your legs. Nevertheless I wouldn’t trade that to shoot strangers’ weddings.

Congrats Jenny and Jing. I had a great time shooting your wedding.

President’s Day

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To set the record straight, I do not get President’s Day off. The company does not observe this holiday thus for the people who normally work on Monday, it’s a normal working day. Monday is my normal day off and I didn’t work, but if it was a holiday I would get that day to use for the rest of the calendar year.

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