Happy CNY

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Wow how time has passed since last year. A few weeks of not blogging and you get into a habit of not blogging at all.

This is a good start tho. Get things back on track and start blogging again.

Year in Review

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This is the year in review:

1) Photography takes a ton of space. This is the year of the external hard drives. Compared to last year’s photgraph’s hard drive space, this year matched it in April. Never had I had to scramble for space. The newly purchased MacBook’s hard drive was full in 2 months. My online photo album grew and now requires categories. And I still remain backlogged in pictures. Japan pictures are still left to sort and process a total of 1800 pictures. Argh!

2) I sold my place. It’s hard to uproot and move, but I finally made the dive and sold my place for personal reasons. More than ever I can’t find my stuff because it’s still in boxes in 2 different locations. Never has my MacBook been more useful as it’s been my only way to get on the internet. There’s no cable so I totally rely on the Internet.

3) Too many church events. Thank God Houston Church hosted many events. It’s been a blessing, but also has taken quite a toll on my life. Small churches lack manpower and it was so evident during the Ministers’ Workshop. Nevertheless the events went smoothly. My only solution for this is to get use to it cause next year’s first quarter is already packed with church events.


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The Taiwan pictures are finally posted.

I can’t remember the last time I visited Taiwan. I use pictures as a time stamp to help remember the places I visited in a year’s time. But for the life of me I can’t find the last Taiwan pictures. This time’s visit was more overshadowed by visiting relatives than anything else. I spent the majority of the time seeing people whom I barely know and some I’ve never met. It’s cool to see how people have changed through the years, and kinda sad. My grandma’s much older now and these days she doesn’t travel anywhere alone. Taiwan hasn’t changed much the little I saw. The only noticeable difference was Kaoshung when Taiwan hosted the world games. The country built a stadium for the event and most major signs has both English and Chinese. More on this topic later.

I hope to visit Taiwan again soon.


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I don’t remember when Apple released iPhone’s 3.0 firmware, but I remember strongly going against it. Having a jailbroken phone is like playing cat and mouse with Apple. I’m a bit tired of reading on when to upgrade, when not to upgrade, what I can install and not install. I’ve always needed a phone more as a phone above anything else. As time passed my phone started running slower and slower. Why? You have to believe even with the best operating systems, it’s still good to format and start over cause things over time start running slower and slower. I started experiencing the phone lagging when jumping in between applications. So today I decided it was time to upgrade the firmware. Side note: These days it’s so much easier to upgrade firmware unlike the old days with many different steps. After upgrading it seems to have fixed the lag of the phone from before plus I get the new updated features. Man, why didn’t someone tell me 3.0 was worth the upgrade? I’m enjoying my phone again as if it was the first month I purchased the phone.

Soul food

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The other day for our safety celebration we had soul food. On celebrations we all pick a place to eat and someone goes to pick it up and bring it back to the shop so the group can celebrate as a whole. To my surprise the place serving the food had ox tail. Always adventurous and never afraid to try anything in the states I decided to give this ox tail a try. Who knew this soul food would weigh 4 lbs and fill the entire plastic to go container. Nevertheless I decided to give the food a try. I wasn’t disappointed but as time went on each of my coworkers gave up and decided to save the food for later. Determined I was, I chose not to keep the food for later and made a final push to finish it. Over 70% of the guys could not finish their food and here I was stuffing and putting ALL the food down. Needless to say in the end the food put the hurt on me. 30 minutes later and I was already in food coma state. I remember everyone still walking around in the shop and talking when I fell asleep. 20 minutes later I woke up and continued with my normal job tasks. In the afternoon as I left the shop my stomach was still the same size it was right after I ate. This food didn’t digest one bit! All that grease must have prevented my stomach from digesting the food. After I got home that night I was still full and couldn’t think of eating a thing. 8:30pm I finally ate half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You know what, that’s all I ate for the rest of the night. The next day after I got to work I still felt full. I don’t think I’m going to try that again for a LONG time. The feeling of discomfort for the rest of the day and night was enough to keep me away from soul food.

BTW, ox tail is pretty good, but I would probably stay away from it for awhile.

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